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Paris Hilton Scores 21s Playing Blackjack on her 31st Birthday

March 5th, 2012 by Site Admin

There are all sorts of blackjack winners; there are card counters, professional blackjack players, beginners who get lucky and amateurs trying to learn the tricks of the game. And, then of course, there is Paris Hilton – the heiress and glam girl of Hilton fame who just got lucky on her 31st birthday – pulling out 21s and winning against experienced card counters.

Hilton reportedly won as much as $30,000 while playing blackjack and shocked Las Vegas and the blackjack players seated at the table. Paris, who is often misconstrued as the “dumb blonde” stereotype, proved to the players seated at the table that she may also have been underestimated.

Blackjack is both a game of skill and luck and although it is quite likely that many players will not be able to believe that Ms. Hilton could win $30k, it remains unknown as to how she did it. According to rumor, one experienced blackjack player who wanted to lighten Hilton’s purse, was both surprised and shocked as she kept scoring perfect blackjack hands of 21.

The dealers at the Vegas tables have not experienced such events and were equally surprised.

It may be possible that Hilton who claims “I love gambling!” and has the money to burn, may have been coached by the world’s best blackjack players and decided to give the Vegas casinos a nice surprise.

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