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Card Counter Edward Thorp Crowned King of the Blackjack Ball

March 1st, 2012 by Site Admin

Blackjack players who are unaware of the Blackjack Ball, will be happy to know that it is an exclusive event for card-counters. These mathematically skilled blackjack players who are usually turned away from most casinos are welcomed at this event and invited to play blackjack.

The Blackjack Ball is held annually at the Barona Resort and Casino and invites card counting and mathematical strategy using blackjack players to attend this event and share their tips with other players. The event has been going on an annual basis for the past 16 years and was started by

Known as the Blackjack Ball, the event began 16 years ago by Max Rubin, a card counter from the Las Vegas area. The event features blackjack games, discussions and a competition for the title of the world’s best blackjack players.

The guest list of blackjack players invited to this event is treated as top secret and is kept with the bouncer. The guests who attend this event have agreed not to play at the Barona Casino but are allowed to play at any other casino.

In the recent event, Edward Thorp, an almost 80 year old blackjack player and author of Beat the Dealer, won the title.

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