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Nevada Considering Leading Online Gaming Revolution

September 12th, 2012 by Site Admin

According to a new report from the Reno Gazette Journal, online gaming can create a number of benefits to the United States economy. The state of Nevada is seriously considering being the forerunner of the new industry that would legalize online gaming. As intrastate gambling has been legalized and lawmakers in the nation’s capital are considering legalizing online gaming, the state is looking to make the most of it.

Experts are debating how Nevada can take advantage of the new interpretation of the Wire Act and the new bill that legalizes online poker within the state’s borders. They argue that the gaming industry needs to invest more heavily in federal lobbying efforts. Encouraging lawmakers to pass a new bill that would legalize online gaming throughout the United States.

According to James Costa of 3G Solutions, Nevada will not be able to fully leverage the potential of online gaming without federal regulation. Costa said that the Silver State could become the leader in the digital revolution, which is currently being led by firms in Northern California. However, the state won’t be able to lead the online business revolution without the cooperation of federal lawmakers.

Gaming technology developers in Nevada have extensive experience and valuable connections in the industry. They would play an invaluable role in setting the direction for online gaming, but they don’t have any teeth to accomplish anything without the support of Harry Reid, Jon Kyl and other lawmakers supporting online gaming legislation.

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