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888 Casino Launches Blackjack Attack

September 5th, 2012 by Site Admin

Blackjack players looking for exciting tournament games and the thrills of an online blackjack competition are in luck this August as the prestigious online casino – 888 Casino – is running just such an event.

The blackjack tourney will be offering prizes worth 4,250 USD and players will find it very easy to win as these prizes are offered to participants and not just the winners. What’s more, the event is not for the high rollers and gives ordinary amateur and intermediary skilled blackjack players an opportunity to play an online blackjack tourney and win real prizes.

The event has been scheduled for the 27th of this month and 50 players will be given a share of the prize – giving blackjack players all over the country a vested interest in trying out for this event.

The first place prize is a generous sum of 1,000 USD and all that players will have to do is play blackjack online at the 888 Casino. Blackjack players who fail to get the first place prize will be awarded portions of the 4,250 USD as per their position on the leader board; for instance, the 2nd place winner will get 750 USD.

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