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Circle Studio Launches Sweet Memories Blackjack

August 7th, 2012 by Site Admin

Sweet Memories Blackjack, a new variant of blackjack developed, published, and launched by Circle Studio on July 12, 2012, allows players to play their favorite card game with several charming Japanese girls. A three-dimensional blackjack variant, it is based on the standard rules of blackjack.

Players must create a hand equaling 21, also known as blackjack, or a hand stronger than the dealer’s to win the game and collect the prize. The only difference is that it is based on an attractive theme of Japanese girls and is woven around a story that hardly has any effect on blackjack players because the game is exciting enough to involve them completely.

Playing Sweet Memories Blackjack is just like playing the usual game of standard blackjack. Players can hit, double, stand, and purchase insurance in two modes—normal mode and score mode. Players who play in the normal mode play against several Japanese girls, and those who choose the score mode play against one girl till one of them scores 2,000 points.

The most unique feature of the game, one that sets it apart from the rest of the blackjack games out there, is the presence of the Japanese girls. Those interested can purchase it for £3.60.

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