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Basic Blackjack Etiquette for Players

August 15th, 2012 by Site Admin

Very few blackjack players know blackjack etiquette, which often results in unpleasantness and confusion at the blackjack table. Trained pit bosses and croupiers, however, strictly follow two rules. The first rule is that players are always right, and the second rule is to refer to the first rule if they feel that players are wrong.

The social game of blackjack becomes a pleasure only when blackjack players follow certain basic rules of blackjack etiquette. In the first players, players must remember that they cannot cover their cards with both hands; otherwise croupiers might feel that they are doing something with their cards. Besides, wagers that are placed on the table must not be touched unless they are won.

Abusive language is also a big no-no at the blackjack table as it annoys not only the casino staff, but also other players. Blackjack players should learn the art of losing gracefully and avoid throwing cards into the air or swearing if they lose.

Players should also avoid trying to be extra nice to dealer in the hope that they will help them in return. Dealers will naturally nice and polite to players, but will not risk their jobs by helping them win.

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