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Casino Night 2012 Includes Great Blackjack Games

February 21st, 2012 by Site Admin

Casino Night is an annual event, which began as a small event at an obscure location and later grew to a mega event. The Casino Night of 2012 was the most exciting of all the Casino Nights held so far, especially for blackjack players.

Since the Casino Night of 2012 was based on the theme of white, players were requested to dress in suitable costumes. The tickets cost $100 each and the venue was Honda Center. The drinks were great and the DJ, who is among the top 10 mixers in the country, did an excellent job of entertaining the crowd. While most of the drinks were free, some of them had to be paid for. The food was fantastic, including duck on raisin bread, sage raviolis, pork with Brussels sprouts, cake pops for dessert, and much more.

The gaming section comprised a VIP area for high-stakes players along with plenty of blackjack, roulette, and craps tables. There was also an auction section with signed jerseys, equipment, and others to be auctioned off. The most popular guest of the night was Mr. Bruce Boudreau, who made light talk with everybody.

The event is definitely worth it as most of the proceeds are given to charity.

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