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Blackjack Player Caught Using Counterfeit Cash At Tables

February 25th, 2012 by Site Admin

There are different ways to cheat at blackjack tables and some players seem to be taking this to a whole new level. In addition to the regular card counters and those players who make deals with the dealers, there are a few players who try and dupe the system by playing with fake money.

Dermishvan, a 22 year old blackjack player from Los Angeles, was recently apprehended at the casino tables in Morongo Casino. The Morongo Casino is based in Riverside County and the player was arrested there after he was found using counterfeit money. Surprisingly, Dermishvan chose to take his freshly minted fake bills to the casino rather than to a store or somewhere else. Naturally, the casino, which like all establishments of its type checked for the authenticity of the bills.

Dermishvan had five counterfeit hundred dollar bills that he used at the high stakes blackjack table. When the dealer and blackjack authorities noticed that all of the 5 bills had the same serial number, they alerted security. The player was winning impressively until casino authorities arrived on the scene and stopped him. He was later held by security until the police arrived.

Dermishvan was found with $2,100 worth of counterfeit cash on his person when checked by the police.

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