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Casino Job Fair Attracts Hundreds of Blackjack Dealer Applicants

March 19th, 2012 by Site Admin

Blackjack players will be pleased to know that the gambling and casino industry in the UK is doing well. What’s more, if one were to go by the number of applicants seeking to be blackjack dealers at the Oxford Casino job fair, one could assume that there was a strong interest in the blackjack industry.

The Oxford Casino recently hosted its first job fair and offered around 50 different blackjack dealer job opportunities to applicants. The job fair recorded hundreds of applicants seeking these blackjack dealer jobs; it was estimated that the number of applicants was 500 or so.

Scott Smith, a spokesperson for the Oxford Casino commented on the large turn-out and was looking to shortlist a pool of 100 individuals suitable for the job. “If we can find 50 dealers, we’ll be thrilled,” he said.

It must also be noted that several of these applicants arrived well before the fair could begin and waited in the rain to enter. Several of the applicants were in their 40s and the crowds numbered more men than women.

The candidates were given a math test to pass before going ahead in their interviews. Peter Martin, an advisor for the casino company group said,” “If they don’t pass the test, there are a number of other positions that they can apply for. The math test is one part of the series of steps to become a dealer.”

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