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Blackjack Clown Robs Thousands to Play Blackjack

March 15th, 2012 by Site Admin

The highlight of a blackjack rodeo, the place where wild animals and human beings perform wild tricks not performed at zoos, are real cowboys acting like clowns instead of the usual professional clowns. But, a blackjack rodeo turned out to be a real nightmare for a group of kids in Arizona.

The clown who scared the children was neither a cowboy nor a professional clown, but an ex-convict with a penchant for gambling, drinking, and smoking pot. This 43-year-old man from Phoenix decided to use the blackjack rodeo to raise funds for his lifestyle of womanizing, playing blackjack, and doing drugs. He called himself Dusty Cornelius, the Blackjack Clown, wore a cowboy suit, a red clown nose, and a pink bow-tie, and demanded money from people as they arrived in tourist buses at the blackjack rodeo.

Terrifying people with two revolvers, he robbed thousands of people who had arrived on at least 12 tourist buses, and as his signature, he left behind two playing cards inside each tourist bus robbed.

These playing cards gave the police the clue that he might be a gambling addict. Investigation revealed that he was a regular loser at blackjack tables throughout Arizona, and he was arrested while playing a blackjack tournament.

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