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Blackjack Survey Findings Can Give Players an Advantage

April 9th, 2012 by Site Admin

When it comes to playing blackjack, you need to know when to stand and when to hit based on the dealer’s cards. But event, these skills are rarely enough to guarantee a win at the Las Vegas blackjack tables. As a result, many players opt to use card counting techniques and try and get away a lucky win. However, according to a recent news report from OnlineBlackjack.com, the surveys that it has conducted have enough information to equip Vegas blackjack players with a winning edge.

These surveys contain guides on the atmosphere at blackjack tables in Vegas, the general set-up and table rules. The statistics and patterns provided in these guides will give blackjack players insight into how the Vegas table games function. Reportedly, the knowledge in these guides can swing the odds in a blackjack player’s favour.

The surveys have studied various Las Vegas casinos and have ranked them based on their betting sizes, house edge, blackjack rules, deck numbers and several other criteria. This will allow players to know exactly what they are in for, when they walk into a certain blackjack casino. The surveys have also made informed comparisons between the blackjack games offered at the Vegas casinos and players can find out which casino has the best single deck blackjack game, and which one has the best double deck games.

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