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Blackjack Player Fakes Kidnapping To Get Gambling Money

April 11th, 2012 by Site Admin

A blackjack player from Mexico, who worked as an accountant for a geological research company, was recently arrested after police found out that he had staged his own kidnapping in an effort to get his company to pay his gambling debts.

The blackjack player, Marlon S, was visiting Buenos Aires, Argentina and wanted to try a new strategy to win some blackjack games. However, since he did not want to risk his own money, he staged a kidnapping and sent a ransom note to his employers. However, the note only demanded $15k which was too low a ransom amount and aroused suspicion.

When the matter was taken to the police, an investigation was conducted which revealed that Marlon S was not kidnapped and held anywhere but rather was gambling happily at a local casino along with a friend and a few women he had picked up.

Marlon was then fired and charged with extortion – he now faces 10 years in prison. The blackjack player claimed that it was all a big joke that he was playing on his employers. However, the authorities denied this claim and charged him.

Perhaps, Marlon should have tried to find help because he obviously had a gambling problem. We encourage all site visitors to check out Gamblers Anonymous.

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