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U.S. Blackjack Players Angered At Ai Weiwei’s Detention

May 26th, 2011 by Site Admin

Blackjackchamp.com, a website that talks about the gambling and gaming casino industry recently reported that many blackjack players in the United States were angered at the detention of China’s Ai Weiwei, who is a prominent artist, blackjack player and pro-democracy activist.

Mr. Ai Weiwei was one of the great rated blackjack players from 1981 to 1993 when he lived in the United States in New York and visited Atlantic City frequently to play blackjack. Since Mr. Ai Weiwei was a great blackjack player he was given free suites, dinners and limos by several casinos who rated him for his good standing. Mr. Ai Weiwei’s chief income back then was winning money by playing blackjack.

The website also stated that a veteran blackjack player informed them about Mr. Ai Weiwei’s kind nature. According to the source, Weiwei had helped the blackjack player when he was losing and directed him when to hit, split or stay at the table. Allegedly, some casino insiders are planning to hold a series of fun-raising poker and blackjack tournaments and use the money to lobby the United States government to implement some trade restrictions on China unless they released Mr. Ai Weiwei. Although this sounds far fetched, the loyalty towards exhibited towards a fellow blackjack player is remarkable.

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