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Montana Senate Committee Rejects Blackjack Bill

May 30th, 2011 by Site Admin

Although the existing casinos in Montana currently lack the resources and the funds to add blackjack tables to their establishments, the Montana Senate Committee has rejected the blackjack bill and hence blackjack card games will not be legalized in Montana.

As with other states, the arguments for the expansion of the gambling industry by adding blackjack to the list of games offered, and against it are still the same. Some people think that the legalizing gambling would help increase the state’s income since the taxpayers money will be invested within the state and not in the neighboring states as is now happening.

Although Montana is known to have a large number of blackjack players, not many stepped forward to support the bill, and the reasons are still unknown. However, those who did speak up were against the expansion since they considered it as being done at the cost of social services.

The Senate Representative, Tony Belcourt, who was hoping to push through the bill, owns a bar and he stated that his business has declined since the ban on smoking in casinos was imposed. Many people have their own reasons for not supporting the bill although they may be offering similar services of gambling professionally.

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