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Tiger Woods Needs To Play Blackjack To Win At Golf ?

June 12th, 2011 by Site Admin

A recent news report alleged that Tiger Woods was quite the serious blackjack player and needed to play blackjack games before playing golf.

When the newspapers and tabloids had Tiger Woods’ name plastered all over the front page, reports revealed that Woods regularly played casino blackjack card games despite a demanding golf schedule. However, he managed his blackjack games as well as fulfilled all his obligations to his sponsors.

While the Masters Tournament does not witness Tiger Woods’s great performance, one has to wonder why this is the case. Some schools of psychology are of the opinion that if a person represses what they truly love and want then he or she damages their own mental health. It might have been the case with Tiger Woods and the reason behind him losing his touch since he has been kept away from his blackjack games.

If playing blackjack at the casino is what it takes for Tiger Woods to perform, and proves to be the best inspiration since it helps him perform well at golf, we cab only encourage Woods to play more blackjack. When Woods earns more money, he can spend it playing blackjack. To be able to play $25000 per hand is a big deal and not everyone is able to afford that even with their love for blackjack, but Woods can.

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