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PokerTek To Launch Blackjack Pro in Mexico

June 9th, 2011 by Site Admin

The blackjack experts are in for a surprise during this week May as PokerTek has chosen to display its brand new blackjack table game, Blackjack Pro in Mexico. The game will be on display to all the blackjack players at the ELA trade show which is scheduled to take place in Mexico on the 4th and 5th of May. Moreover, PokerTek will also demonstrate PokerPro’s most recent tournament software, Tournaments Plus+. Blackjack, poker and even bingo enthusiasts who are interested in these games will able to get an up close look of both games in action at booth number 79.

Raul Bouchot, the Director of Sales for PokerTek commented on the new blackjack game. “Blackjack Pro offers the traditional game of Blackjack on our new ProCore automated table game platform. We look forward to demonstrating Blackjack Pro to our customers and prospects at ELA. We expect this product to follow in the footsteps of our very successful and continually expanding PokerPro business in Mexico,” he said.

The new Blackjack Pro not only adapts the standard blackjack rules but also lets users align the game rules and payouts to suit their personal requirements. The large center display on the blackjack table enables the players to keep a tab of the game easily and at the same time motivates communication among the gamers. The spontaneous graphics, minor footprint and cost effectiveness make Blackjack Pro a great option for those players who are seeking to add automated blackjack to their gaming circuit.

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