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How To Spot Cheaters At Your Blackjack Table

July 12th, 2011 by Site Admin

When blackjack players are caught cheating at these card games, it is an offense that is both illegal and punishable. It is also equally necessary that you do not get grouped together with blackjack cheaters as the authorities may accidentally end up suspecting you for the same crime and bar you from the tables.

If you are playing at a blackjack table with cheaters, you need to be alert so that you do not get cheated by others.

Blackjack cheaters usually work in teams and the most common way to cheat is to mark all the 10 point cards with a sign, either by a scratch or something else that is visible to the cheating team and not to others. This gives them an advantage over the dealer. Blackjack cheaters also mark the cards using special liquids that are invisible to the naked eye, since they can be seen only with special kinds of lenses or glasses.

All these different cheating methods have been used by Blackjack cheaters, but the blackjack is a game that cannot be won by cheating once, and players will have to repeatedly cheat at blackjack for a long time to win, and hence they most often get caught.

Nowadays, casinos, slot machines & blackjack tables have the latest in technology to identify such players who cheat at blackjack, and hence they get caught. The dealers at casinos are also paid enough so that they can’t be bribed, and trained enough to keep a keen eye on the players in the game.

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