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Ex-dealer Sues Casino Canberra Over Blackjack Robbery Stress

July 16th, 2011 by Site Admin

A 32 year old woman, who is an ex-dealer and supervisor of the card tables at the Casino Canberra has decided to sue the casino for negligence. She believes that she was not treated fairly after she was the victim of a 2008 blackjack robbery on the casino floor.

As of now, she plans to sue the Casino Canberra because of her post traumatic disorder after an abusive patron caused a scene at one of the tables where she was working. The 32 year old lady blames the 2008 blackjack robbery for triggering her disorder and regards the recent disturbance at the gaming venue as something that has left her “shattered” and suicidal.

Her accusation is based on an event that took place in March 2008 when a man grabbed a handful of $100 chips from her when she was counting the blackjack float. The lady was already suffering from depressive bipolar disorder and she was also diagnosed with an acute anxiety disorder and reportedly needed treatment to avoid a post traumatic disorder.

The dealer also mentioned that the blackjack robbery which occurred several years ago had traumatized her so much that she was now sleeping with a knife under her pillow.

However, the lawyers of the Casino Canberra have mentioned that her existing state of mind might be a consequence of mental illness from before or illegal drug use. The ex-dealer had accused her bosses by mentioning that they very well knew that she was undergoing acute anxiety attack post the robbery three months back but they still had placed her in an unsafe place when she came back to work.

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