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Grand Duke Accuses Blackjack Player of Using System To Win

August 3rd, 2011 by Site Admin

Grand Duke, a brand new Playtech Casino has gotten itself involved in a controversy with one of its casino players and the online gambling community. According to sources, the Grand Duke casino is claiming that the blackjack player is utilizing a system to win big when he is playing blackjack.

This UK player has won a reasonable £7200 but has been denied that money by the casino. The Grand Duke casino seems to believe that after having accused the player of using a system, they have justified their act of canceling the payout. However, this has become a big issue among the online gambling community.

Some of the biggest online casinos are using state of the art software like Playtech Casino software, in which case, blackjack cards will always be shuffled after every single round. Hence, using a system will be of vain in such case. This would be different if the casino offered live online blackjack where a system could potentially be used if they were using a 6 shoe deck that wasn’t shuffled between hands.

The issue has led to a heated up discussion about Grand Duke Casino at the famous Casinomeister forum. It seems at the moment that the casino is standing on its decision, although in due time we will find out if the casino has done the right thing or not.


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