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Basketball Player Invents New Blackjack Game

August 5th, 2011 by Site Admin

Bobby Florence, a well known former basketball player who is a part of the UNLV Hall of Fame, recently became the inventor of a new game of blackjack.

He is promoting the new blackjack game to other players and hopes that it will encourage them, Bobby Florence is a survivor of a stroke and has invented a blackjack game called Royal 20’s that he hopes everyone will enjoy.

As of now, Boyd Gaming is running the Royal 20’s blackjack game and offers it at 2 tables at the Gold Coast casino. “I wanted to create a variation of blackjack players would enjoy because life gave me a second chance. I was a dealer for 30 years so I know how tough it is to win at blackjack. With my game, I feel players have a better chance,” Florence said. Players ill be able to place side bets from $1 to $25 with this game.

Royal 20’s is very much like the typical game of blackjack except that it allows players to use event their bad hands to their advantage. Florence explained the way the game works in very simple terms “I wanted to create the opportunity that when having say 16 and facing a dealer’s face card it could be at least a 5-1 payoff for the player if the dealer draws another face card.”

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