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Casino Rebate is Don Johnson’s Secret To $15 million Blackjack Win

July 18th, 2011 by Site Admin

Sometimes it is worth taking risks at gambling, and this is certainly right when it came to Don Johnson’s record wins at Blackjack. A rebate from the casino was the key to his success as it allowed him to wager $100,000 a hand at the blackjack table.

From December, until this April, Johnson had bagged a total of $4.23 million at Caesars Atlantic City and more than $4 million at Borgata. Additionally, he won another $5.8 million in a 12 hour session at Tropicana.

He mentioned that he modified his playing strategy before investing on the table and that he was able to wager up to $100,000 a hand owing to a rebate. Johnson did not talk about other rules, but for the fact that the dealer utilized a six deck shoe on soft 17. He said that the new rules decreased the house edge to 0.253%

The real good news was that he had a deal with the casino that it would reimburse 20% of his losses if it came up to $500,000. “You’d never lose the million. If you got to minus-five hands (an overall loss of $500,000), you would stop and take your 20 percent discount. You’d only owe them $400,000.”

He said that he divided a pair and re-divided four hands in all, and three of them doubled. This means, his initial $100,000 became $700,000!

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