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Report Reveals Iowa to Draw Blackjack Players and Staff from South Dakota

September 29th, 2010 by Site Admin

The Larchwood Casino is currently under construction in Iowa, and is based close to the border between South Dakota and Iowa. However, the Iowa Gaming Commission has created an interesting report that has stunned South Dakota.

The report says that three quarters of the people gambling at Larchwood Casino will be from South Dakota, and that they will spend around $55 million annually on gambling alone, which translates into a revenue hike for Iowa. Moreover, 679 of the 755 people, who will be recruited to run Larchwood Casino, will be from South Dakota. While this might be great news for job seekers, owners of South Dakota casinos might have to raise salaries to keep their casino staff.

Despite the fact that Iowa might draw its employees and gamblers from South Dakota, major purchases will be done by the local people, owing to the state’s “Iowa first” policy.

South Dakota can keep its blackjack players by constructing its own casino. Currently, only the Indian tribes operate casinos there and they are not permitted to establish casinos outside their jurisdiction although a nod from Governor Mike Rounds can change this. But the South Dakota government is hesitating; and Larchwood Casino owners, in the meanwhile, are making their money.

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