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Galaxy Gaming To Introduce New Buffalo Blackjack Bonus Game At Denver Casinos

October 1st, 2010 by Site Admin

Galaxy Gaming, a popular gaming platform provider, recently announced its expansion of operations. As per the new development, the company will be setting up two casinos in Colorado fully equipped with table games like blackjack and poker. Both, the Lady Luck Casino and the Ameristar Casino will be established in Denver, adding to the 23 casinos already operating table games there.

In addition to the two new casinos, Galaxy Gaming will also be launching two new games at the Denver casinos. These include an interesting and rewarding blackjack game called Buffalo Blackjack Bonus and another table game called Three Card Split. The Buffalo Blackjack Bonus game has already been approved for trial and was designed specifically for the region’s gaming market.

The Buffalo Blackjack Bonus game has been designed with the state’s special blackjack regulations in mind. As a result the game does not incorporate the Lucky Ladies side bet, but uses the Bust Bonus and 21 Magic side bets instead. The casinos will also be relaxing their table game regulations.

“The decision by Colorado legislators to relax table game regulations was beneficial for their table game operators and a significant consideration for Galaxy Gaming to enter the market. An unexpected side benefit was the development of the blackjack side bets ’21 Magic’ and ‘Bust Bonus.’ Originally created only for Colorado, we believe we can leverage their popularity into other jurisdictions as well. I think we have two more winners,” stated Robert Saucier the CEO of Galaxy Gaming.

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