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Online Blackjack Triumphs Over Rotate Black – The Blackjack Ship

November 10th, 2010 by Site Admin

Blackjack players who live near the Gulf of Mexico may be excited to learn about the upcoming renovation of the Gaming Vessel by Rotate Black, which will be a casino ship that will feature several blackjack tables and other casinos games.

However, this excitement is destined to be short-lived when players realize that they might just be putting their lives at risk by sailing out into the Gulf of Mexico waters to play casino games and blackjack on the Gaming Vessel. This is because reports suggest that dispersants that have been released into the gulf are now becoming airborne and have been causing a few incidents of human poisoning. Corexit is one of the dispersants believed to be airborne now and blackjack players are advised to stick to online blackjack games and not venture out onto the Rotate Black Gaming Vessel casino ship until the vessel has move into cleaner waters and fresher airspace.

On a better note, the Gaming Vessel which is a luxury cruise vessel is expected to become a full blown floating casino that will feature blackjack games and card games. The Rotate Black Gaming Vessel will operate out of the Jones Yacht Basin based in Gulfport in Mississippi.

Rotate Black purchased the ship from the International Thoroughbred Breeders and has announced plans to renovate it. Before this, the ship was owned by Harrah’s and was known to have been functioning out of Joliet in Illinois.

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