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Bet365 Offers a $6,000 Bonus Bundle for Blackjack Players

November 13th, 2010 by Site Admin

Bet365, a noted brand name in online gaming and provider of casino, poker, sportsbook, bingo and slots games, recently ramped up its bonus offerings for blackjack players. Currently, the Bet365 Casino is hosting a special bonus promotion called the $6,000 Bonus Bundle for players in November.

This exciting offer is scheduled to end on the 27th of November, and players are advised to make use of it before it expires. According to the terms of this offer, players who make a deposit at the Bet365 casino will have access to a series of 20% match bonuses, of which four are available per week. To be eligible for these bonuses, blackjack players will have to make deposits or transfers of funds ranging from $100 to $400. The site is hosting this special bonus every month, allowing players to win $6,000 in bonus money in November.

To activate this special $6,000 Bonus Bundle, players at the Bet365 Casino will have to key in a bonus code for every tine that they make a deposit or a transfer of funds. The bonus code to be used is BONUS3000; however, it must be noted that blackjack players will only be able to access one bonus per day and four per week.

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