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Cheaters Leave Blackjack Tables in Favour of Baccarat

September 13th, 2010 by Site Admin

Earlier trends of cheating in blackjack seem to have died down, as casinos and blackjack in the US tightened their security. Now it would seems that the cheaters have jumped ship from the blackjack tables to the baccarat games. As per the news reports, it would seem that baccarat cheating is on the rise and blackjack tables are being left behind as the cheater’s game of choice.

According to Bill Zender, a security consultant for a Las Vegas Casino, the habit of malpractice and cheating at baccarat is gradually increasing. Zender also believes that baccarat cheating is going to become extremely common, perhaps replacing blackjack, which now holds this tentative record.

The reason why blackjack was once the cheater’s game of choice was because it involved mathematics and card counting. Players can easily use blackjack software and gaming tools to cheat at online blackjack games or event at blackjack tables at land based casinos. These electronic devices allow players to cheat the dealer and require intellect on the part of the cheater.

Baccarat on the other hand, is a simple game without many complicated strategies. These games also have high limits and big prizes, making them lucrative places to cheat at.

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