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Blackjack Games Improve Pennsylvania Casino Revenues

September 14th, 2010 by Site Admin

The casinos in the state of Pennsylvania have shown a marked increase in revenue in the past few months, after new blackjack games were introduced and the wagering limits for blackjack tables were changed. The casinos revealed a good 5% rise in profits from August when compared with the 2009 August figures. In addition to this, the casinos have also noted a surge in the player traffic to their gaming tables which has been estimated to have increased the revenue by 18% on a yearly basis.

Currently, Pennsylvania has nine casinos and provides $196,635,849 in revenue just from slots

The Gaming Control Board was pleased with the Pennsylvanian casinos as any rise in profit here, would automatically benefit the state. Greg Fajt, the Chairman of this association claimed, “Expansion at Commonwealth casinos during the past 90 days has produced tremendous benefits to Pennsylvanians. In addition to the growth in tax revenue from slot machine gaming that affords, among other things, a reduction in homeowners property taxes, more than 4,000 additional jobs were created through the rollout of table games.”

The Sands Casino Resort Bethelem recorded the highest profits which stemmed from its addition of table games like blackjack. The casino took in $1.6 million within two weeks as soon as it added these games.

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