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Blackjack Player from California Wins $14,000 at Bodog Casino

August 5th, 2010 by Site Admin

Bodog Casino, the popular online gaming portal, has been reporting a lot of winners this week, among which were two blackjack players who got rich playing their favorite game.

There were over seven winners at the Bodog Casino, this weekend, out of which two blackjack players named Nathan J and Jim P won almost a $10,000 each while playing blackjack online. Of the two, it was Jim P from the state of California who took home the most in winnings. Jim P as he is known online went home with $14,000 worth of prize money in his pocket while Nathan J took out less than $10,000 from his game, earning $9,428.

Of the whole week’s winners, Vernon S was by far the biggest earner and took in a record of $61,466 for playing the Paradise Dreams and BigShot online slot games. Second in line with a win of $40,615 for winning at the Caesar’s Empire game was Michael S, a player from Illinois.

A lot of players made money by playing the blackjack and slot games this weekend, and next week is expected to be attract more players.

If you are interested in making money while playing online casino games like slots, blackjack, poker and so, do sign up at Bodog Casino and make an initial deposit. It is open to all US Online blackjack players and you will be able to access all the site’s games and begin to win like the many players who go lucky this week.

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