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Atlantic City Blackjack to Be Taken Over by State?

August 6th, 2010 by Site Admin

There have been many reports of dissatisfaction among the blackjack players in Atlantic City, who claim that the casinos here are no longer friendly towards them. Atlantic City casinos have long been in financial difficulty seeing a cut back on the traffic flowing through their gaming halls. In a drastic move to change this situation, Chris Christie, the Governor for the state of New Jersey wants to take over the whole of Atlantic City and turn into a vacation spot and convention center.

What this will means for the already struggling casinos in Atlantic City remains to be seen. After all, a family vacation spot may not be the best place to have casinos and blackjack tables and the governor’s decision may end up driving away the last blackjack players from Atlantic City. It could also end up working in favour for Atlantic City casinos should the changes attract lots of tourists looking for a good time.

Currently, the Atlantic City casinos have blackjack games with bad payouts, while many have even cut down the number of blackjack tables at their casinos to curb losses after the economic downturn. Some players even reported that casinos had several of their blackjack tables closed during the day, allowing only a couple to stay open. All this resulted in an exodus of blackjack players from Atlantic City thus affecting the casinos there even more with players choosing to play online blackjack or take a flight to Vegas for their gambling needs.

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