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Blackjack Player’s Winnings Disappear As Govt Owned Site Goes Offline

July 30th, 2010 by Site Admin

Mike Reid, a retired banker and blackjack player, did not know that when he logged into PlayNow.com a few weeks ago and began playing blackjack online that the bran new site would soon go offline and take all his winnings with it.

PlayNow.com first went online on July 15th of this month and recorded a good number of players at the site. PlayNow.com which is run by the B.C. Lottery Corporation then went offline a few days later on a Monday on account of a security issue. The gaming company now has to face a series of questions on where all the money that has entered its portals since it first went online has gone.

Mike Reid is one of these unfortunate players who has to see his funds stuck at PlayNow.com. However, Reed, who had won a few hundreds while playing blackjack at the site, fortunately managed to transfer $100 to his account before the site went offline.

When PlayNow.com went offline, Reed immediately checked his bank account for his funds but found that they had not been transferred. “I don’t know where my $100 is,” said Reed.

Reed then proceeded to call customer service and try to ascertain where his money was, or if the site would come back again and was told that the site was in limbo, much to his surprise.

“They actually said it’s in limbo, and that’s a scary thing for me. What does limbo mean? It means they don’t know where it is,” stated Reed who took his story to CTV.

Meanwhile, representatives from the B.C. Lottery Corporation claimed that all transaction histories would be up as soon as the site was reinstated. However, perhaps the media attention may have been a little too much for the BCLC and so they offered to pay Reed his $100 via check.

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