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Tamburin Discusses Casino Strategies to Attract Blackjack Players

July 29th, 2010 by Site Admin

Henry Tamburin, author of the book Blackjack: Take the Money and Run, recently commented on what he believed would draw more player traffic to casino blackjack tables. Tamburin who had derived this information from a survey that he had made among a group of blackjack players noted that casinos needed to encourage beginners if they wanted strong player traffic at their table games.

Tamburin had collected tips from a group of 100 blackjack players on how casinos could be made more appealing to them, and it was noted that most of his tips centered on improving the gaming experience of players – beginners in particular. Some of the strategies that casinos could implement to increase their blackjack player traffic included supplying blackjack lessons at peak hours and providing a table especially for learner’s with a slow game pace and a dealer who also functions as an instructor. In addition to this, players had mentioned a desire to have some blackjack tables that were beginner friendly using low limits and patient dealers.

It is believed that should the casinos implement any or all of these suggestions, they would be able to draw new players to their table games and cash in on the beginner player traffic.

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