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Two More Plead Guilty in Blackjack Conspiracy

August 7th, 2017 by Site Admin

Last week two more defendants charged in the South Dakota conspiracy to cheat a casino of $10,000 pleaded guilty in a federal court.

Lito Bolocon (44) and Jordan Rondell (29) both pleaded guilty to conspiracy charges related to the incident. The two, along with Jeremy Brown and Fern Gill were charged by federal prosecutors with conspiring to steal from the casino that they worked at. Prosecutors claim that Brown and Gill were dealers at the casino, while Bolocon was a pitboss at the casino. Rondell was a card player, and was paid out extra on hands that were dealt out by both dealers, including losing hands. With Bolocon the supervisor, the money won wasn’t readily detected by security.

The guilty pleas come after Brown pleaded guilty in February. He took a deal in which he agreed to testify against his fellow defendants. The lone defendant still pushing his case is Gill.

Bolocon and Rondell remain free pending sentencing, which hasn’t been scheduled as of press time.

Source: KSFY

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