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Paris Hilton Wins $50,000 Playing Blackjack

March 3rd, 2014 by Site Admin

Paris Hilton has made headlines by winning a huge sum of $50,000 playing at the blackjack tables; and just before winning all this money, she got $100,000 for being the DJ at a party held in an Atlantic City casino.

Hilton has a residency at Harrah’s in Atlantic City, which she began by being the DJ at Pool after Dark. The party was a huge success, having attracted a huge crowd, and it was the first of the several DJ opportunities Hilton has got at Harrah’s. After doing her job, she visited the casino’s blackjack tables and won $50,000, earning a total of $150,000 that night.

The 32-year-old celebrity, who is worth around $100 million, was quite happy about adding more cash into her bank account. She even posted a picture of her winnings on Instagram along with the caption, “At the blackjack tables. #Killingit.”

She also posted a couple other pictures. One of them was a photo of her residency, and the caption accompanying it said, “At soundcheck for my show Tonight at @PoolAfterDark. Love this venue! So excited to play my first set here! See you all tonight.” Another picture had a caption stating that she was having so much fun at Pool After Dark.

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