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Man Sues Casino for Losing $500k Playing Blackjack

March 10th, 2014 by Site Admin

A resident of California resident has sued the Las Vegas based Downtown Grand Casino after losing $500,000 playing Pai Gow Poker and blackjack games. The man had borrowed heavily from the casino to place bets on these table games.

Currently, Downtown Grand and its customer are engaged in a legal battle over the funds borrowed from the casino. The man has complained that the casino continuously served him drinks and encouraged him to gamble although he was clearly drunk. The casino has countersued on grounds that their customer has not repaid the money he owes them.

According to the man’s lawyer, the man was “blackout intoxicated” to the extent he couldn’t even read the cards. Nevada law says that disciplinary action can be taken against casinos for “permitting persons who are visibly intoxicated to participate in gaming activity” or providing “complimentary service of intoxicating beverages in the casino area to persons who are visibly intoxicated.”

It may be recalled that Terrance Watanabe, a businessman based in Nebraska, lost $189 million playing at Harrah’s casino properties over one year. He had sued the casino over the $14 million it had loaned him, complaining that the casino employees had served him painkillers and alcohol and encouraged him to continue gambling.


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