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Blackjack Dealer Wants to Strike Deal with Prosecutors

March 18th, 2014 by Site Admin

Jacob Tessin, a 27-year-old former blackjack dealer, said that he is close to making a deal with the felony court prosecutors. In January, he was charged with violating gambling laws, which happens to be a Class C felony. If the court finds him guilty, he can get up to five years in prison.

According to prosecutors, Tessin cheated the sports bar while dealing at the blackjack table so that the patrons could win and give him larger tips.

The former blackjack dealer has pleaded not guilty and has announced through Blake Hankey, his legal representative, that he wants a plea agreement instead of a trial. He had also planned to meet Kelly Votava, who operates three charity gaming sites on behalf of Grafton Curling Club. Votava, who checks the house’s percentage that blackjack dealers win every night, says that one can make out something is wrong if this percentage drops drastically. She was the one who caught Tessin cheating at the blackjack tables.

Tessin told Votava that he is ready to pay restitution and wants her to give him a support letter, and Votava is willing to support him. According to her, this case can be used to make blackjack dealers aware that they can easily get caught cheating.

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