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Lucky Eagle Casino funds Native American medical clinic

April 2nd, 2013 by Site Admin

While the law makers in Texas have always been against online gambling, the Mexican
border has seen a lot of activity the past few months as a small casino operation has been gaining a lot of popularity as it has helped one of the native American tribes win in a big way.

The Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas opens its doors twice a week and turns itself
into a health clinic, providing medical assistance to thousands of individuals who are
unable to afford treatment. patients. People like Koki Alizondo often cannot afford

These charges are borne by the tribe who earns its revenue from the Lucky Eagle Casino,
which is situated on the southern edge of Maverick County, just outside Eagle Pass which
is a few feet away from the Rio Grande.

The Casino has been directly responsible for generating revenue that has in turn helped
the local tribe with medical and educational funding. The Casino has plans to expand
and double its size in the coming months. The Lucky Eagle is able to operate because of
federal rules. None of the profits from the Lucky Eagle goes to the State of Texas, since it registered as an Indian casino.

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