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Station Casinos Training Blackjack Dealers for New Casino

June 14th, 2013 by Site Admin

Station Casinos is running a school to train blackjack dealers for the Graton Resort and Casino, which is scheduled to be inaugurated late in 2013. The school offers 12-week courses, each of which comprises weekly sessions held on Wednesdays. Around 200 students are in training to become expert blackjack croupiers, and many more are eager to join.

Although the students are not guaranteed any job, they can get trained for free. Station Casinos GM Joe Hasson said that nobody has been hired as yet, but more applicants are required. Explaining his statement, he said that, if the casino is launched tomorrow, he would require 120 blackjack dealers immediately and 750 more later.

Blackjack is expected to contribute to around half of the new casino’s total revenues, projected to be around $440 million in 2016. The owner of this casino is the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria, and Station Casinos will be operating it for the first seven years.

According to California’s gambling regulations, the casino employees are required to undergo comprehensive background checks, which are then submitted to the gaming agency for reviews. The casino restaurants will be thoroughly inspected. Although smoking will be permitted, the casino will have to adhere to the state’s liquor laws.



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