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Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands Gets 3 years License Approval From The Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore

April 22nd, 2013 by Site Admin

The Marina Bay Sands Casino recently announced that it has successfully renewed its casino license from the 26th of April 2013. The casino had sent in its application for renewal of its license and was granted a 3 year validity by the Casino Regulatory Authority of Singapore (CRA).

The renewal and extension of a casino license it dependant on a number of factors. CRA confirmed that one of the main points that came into consideration was Marina Bay Sands adherence to all of the rules and regulations imposed by the CRA.

The CRA granted a 3 year renewal to MBS but also insisted that it is important for MBS to continue to increase and carefully monitor its operations to ensure that the casino meets all criteria imposed by Singapore law.

A representative from the Marina Bay sands said that they were happy with the renewal and will look forward to increasing its presence and operations in the region. The representative said “MBS looks forward to continuing to contribute to Singapore’s economy, to provide jobs for Singaporeans and to conduct its business with integrity and in compliance with Singapore’s laws and regulations”.


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