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Playing Table Master Blackjack Games in Reno

September 30th, 2013 by Site Admin

Several casinos in Reno have blackjack machines with videos of attractive women as dealers. Called Table Master, these machines use videos of life-sized female dealers to create a live blackjack gaming experience. Table Masters are available not only for blackjack, but also for other casino games such as Royal Match 21, Let It Ride, Dragon Bonus Baccarat, and Three Card Poker.

All hands at a Table Master Blackjack game are dealt in a random manner. They are not pre-programmed to a specific return-to-player percentage as slot machines are. Instead, the return-to-player percentage depends on the blackjack players’ style of gaming, rules of the particular blackjack variant, and so on. Table Master Blackjack games in Reno are cheap, and there is a huge difference between the wagers of a live blackjack table and a Table Master Blackjack game.

Although the payouts of Table Master Blackjack and live blackjack are similar, the high speed with which Table Master Blackjack is played can have an adverse effect on players’ bankrolls. Smart players must play Table Master Blackjack as slowly as possible. Since the game is played against a machine, nobody can prevent players from going slow and taking their own time to make a decision.


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