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Play Britney Blackjack at Britney Spears’ Website

December 2nd, 2013 by Site Admin

Casino games such as blackjack, roulette, and slots are now getting a great deal of importance on Britney Spears official website. The pop star is using a special variant of blackjack called Britney Blackjack to promote her new Las Vegas residency in Planet Hollywood. Spears is using the game not only to promote Planet Hollywood, but also Britney Jean, her latest album. Players visiting Britney Spears’ website can play a simple game of blackjack using special playing cards adorned with pictures of the pop star’s releases.

Celebrities are used to Las Vegas residencies, but Las Vegas casinos are using them to promote their products and services and to attract new players. In fact, gambling businesses are always looking out for newer and more innovative ways to attract customers.

Further, the need for Las Vegas casinos to advertise is on the rise, especially as it is no longer the only gambling hotspot in the world. The Sin City is facing a lot of tough competition from other gambling destinations such as Macau, which is attracting a lot of its high rollers.

In future, one may see many more celebrities getting residencies in gambling establishments. It is also worth noting that Cher just completed her residency in the Colosseum.

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