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New Blackjack App on Facebook

February 18th, 2013 by Site Admin

Based out of Austin, Texas, Bee Cave Games Inc. has launched the beta version of Blackjack Casino on Facebook.

Bee Cave Games was founded by Jeremy Strauser and Erik Bethke, both former developers of the app and gaming giant Zynga.

After Zynga downsized their Austin studio, the innovators, who already had a great deal of experience in online gaming and apps branched out onto their own.

Of the nine developers currently employed by Bee Cave Games, many have experience in the Facebook realm, having helped create apps like Mafia Wars and Texas Hold’em Poker on the social media network.

While poker has enjoyed a massive resurgence in the last decade, blackjack is still a popular game that millions of bettors play both online and offline.

The graphics during gameplay are nothing short of stunning and create for an interactive and fun gaming environment that one really stands out from most of the typical apps and games on Facebook.

According to their website, Bee Cave Games is also currently developing social and gaming apps for mobile platforms as well. This startup company has the industry experience and team of veterans to make a real splash in the online social gaming market.

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