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Mystery Man Wins 330,000 Playing Perfect Pairs at Gala Casino

January 30th, 2013 by Site Admin

A mysterious gambler was shocked when he won the extraordinarily large prize of £330,000 after playing a game of blackjack in a Gala casino.

Chris Scouller, who was at the same table, won a smaller prize of £16,000. He spoke of how the mysterious gambler appeared to be shocked when he finally realized that he had really won such a huge amount.

Chris, a 29-year-old blackjack gambler hailing from Portlethen, which is located close to Aberdeen, said that the mystery man’s face turned white and that he could not speak a word. For a long time, he was just trying to digest the fact that he had really won a six-figure amount.

Chris, an engineer by profession, was one of the two blackjack players who got 5% of the pot just because they played at the same table as the winner. He said that, although he visits the casino frequently, he had never seen the winner before.

The mystery gambler won the prize on Sunday after playing Perfect Pairs, conducted as part of a blackjackpot competition at Gala. He had first received a pair of red aces and had decided to split. He was stunned when he got two more red aces and won.


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