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Gambling Addict Steals Casino Winnings from Business Management Student

July 15th, 2013 by Site Admin

A teenager who had just gone broke at the blackjack tables of a casino robbed a student of his casino winnings, but returned £40 so that the victim could get back home.

Richard Carter, a student of business management, had a winning streak at Les Croupiers in Leckwith while Ben Emmott (21) and Callum Williams (18) watched him. Carter’s friends left early, but Carter continued enjoying his winning streak at the tables. He had won around £300 by 5:00 a.m.

Carter, who hails from Birmingham, asked Emmott and Williams how he could get back to Gabalfa. The duo asked him to follow them and Williams, who had been chatting with him all the time, suddenly demanded his phone. Initially, Carter thought that the teenager was joking, but soon realized that the duo meant business. Ultimately, he had to hand over his wallet too.

The following day, the police arrested Emmott, who protested that he had not done anything, but was clearly shown on CCTV.

Williams, who surrendered a few days later, fell asleep when the Cardiff Bay police were interviewing him, but did confess that he had robbed the student. He also said that he was addicted to gambling and had lost £120 the night he had robbed Carter.

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