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eConnect to Showcase Blackjack Card Counting Technology

March 20th, 2013 by Site Admin

The software developer eConnect Inc. announced the release of their newest discovery; eConnect Countdown. This is considered to be a breakthrough, which will allow casino operators to identify advantage players with less effort.
This revolutionary tool will monitor casino Blackjack tables to show details revealing a “True Card Counter” making their move. The cards that come out of the deck will be analyzed by the system to understand when an advantage player will most likely place a larger amount of bet giving them a greater chance of winning.
Card Counting is the current strategy used mainly in blackjack games that determines if the next hand is going to be favorable to the player or to the house. Card counters keep a tally of all cards, which lessens the intrinsic casino edge. This strategy allows a player to bet more with a lesser risk when the count gives them an advantage and minimizes their loss when they get an unfavorable count.
If a casino surveillance team fails to catch these blackjack card counters, the house suffers significant losses. Sometimes they go unnoticed due to the limitations of human resources and other unforeseen circumstances.
Travis Widden, eConnect Chief technology Officer commented, “With Blackjack Countdown, the software engine proactively monitors the cards and lets the staff know where to look for advantage play. We essentially reduce the amount of time wasted on table audits and instead we look at the true count just like a card counter would. Our system thinks just like the card counter, except it’s operated by the casino. This helps to reduce the gaming operators risk and evens the playing field between the player and the casino.”
This technology will no doubt put all blackjack card counters on notice.

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