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Blackjack Player Sues Hollywood Casino Columbus for Negligenc

August 19th, 2013 by Site Admin

Blackjack player David A. Hayes filed a lawsuit against Hollywood Casino Columbus after being robbed of his blackjack winnings of $35,800.

Two men broke into his house and stole his blackjack winnings just a few hours after he left the casino. In his lawsuit, filed in the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, Hayes accused the casino of negligence and demanded an amount that would be determined by the court.

This month, the casino’s lawyers responded by stating that Hayes was robbed “because of his own negligence.” The casino, however, admits that Hayes won the cash playing at the blackjack tables.

In his lawsuit, Hayes stated that the clerk at the redeeming counter ignored his request for a check and paid him in cash. He further stated that she asked him produce his driver’s license and took down his address and other identification information, after which she held it up for confirmation so that it became “visible to anyone in the vicinity.”

The police have confirmed that Hayes was robbed at gunpoint in his residence by two men who demanded “the money you won tonight.”

The casino has responded by stating that Hayes lost money because of “unforeseeable misconduct by third parties over whom it had no control.”

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