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Blackjack Player Faces Charges of Theft

October 22nd, 2013 by Site Admin

David A. Hayes, a blackjack player of Columbus who frequently plays at Hollywood Casino, thought that he was very lucky indeed when he won a large sum of $35,800 playing blackjack at the casino. But his luck did not last long as he was robbed of all his blackjack winnings by armed thieves who had followed him to his residence.

As if this were not enough, Hayes now faces a charge of theft. Reportedly, the blackjack strategy he used to win $35,800 did not have anything to do with the playing cards, but with some precious metals he stands accused of stealing.

The police got suspicious when they learned that Hayes was a jeweler by profession and had pawned gold worth $107,000. He had then used $99,000 of it to purchase casino chips, which helped him win at blackjack.

Hayes has also filed a case against the casino, accusing it of negligence and claiming that the redeeming counter clerk had not only ignored his request for a check, but had also help up his address to confirm it, thus making it visible to everybody present. The casino responded by saying that Hayes was robbed because of his own negligence and that the casino is not responsible for it.


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