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Bhutanese Refugees Get New Life as Blackjack Dealers

December 9th, 2013 by Site Admin

The gambling industry completely changed the lives of 24-year-old Daya Acharya and 25-year-old Tulsi Mishra, two Bhutanese refuges who later became blackjack dealers at Horseshoe Casino Cleveland.

Their families had to flee from Bhutan to Nepal’s refugee camps when the two were very young and had to remain there till 2008. Thanks to a US resettlement program, the two families found a place in Cleveland.

Remembering the date of their arrival into the US, September 24, 2008, Mishra said that they had never thought they would come to the US. Both Mishra and Acharya knew nothing about the gambling world, but both are dealers at present.

Acharya recalled watching movies about blackjack such as 21 when he was in the refugee camp in Nepal. Now a resident of Mayfield Heights, he said that he had seen the game of blackjack being played in movies, but had absolutely no idea what kind of a game it is. Today, he is a dealer not only at the blackjack tables, but also at the poker tables.

Speaking about his experiences at the casino, Mishra said that he is happy to be working there, adding that he has got excellent supervisors and co-workers.

Both hope to become citizens of the US soon.

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