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“Best Blackjack” Bringing The Popularity Back to Blackjack

June 22nd, 2013 by Site Admin

Double Duck, an upcoming games development company in Tel Aviv recently released Best Blackjack, an innovative Blackjack software game that has been customized for both the iPhone and iPod touch. The company expects this to raise the popularity of Blackjack all over the world.

In a statement, Odi Weinberger, CEO of Double Duck said “We love the game of blackjack. And we want to see it join the ranks of poker and slots as the big 3 casino games on mobile platforms. This amazing, tactical and fun game was overlooked for a long time, and now we’re bringing it back!”.

Best Blackjack has been specially designed to transport players through the ladder of a professional blackjack player, where you start out at small locations like a local tavern and then climb all the way up to the most amazing casino in the world: which in this case is The Prestige.

Best Blackjack offers a number of features to Blackjack players including free bonuses of up to 3000 chips every 6 hours; free 10,000 chips for every new player; amazing HD graphics, compatible with iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S screens; 5 Amazing locations to unlock, each with beautiful graphics and sounds; leveling up, unlocking beautiful locations as you progress as a player and simple and fluent controls, everything is “a thumb away.


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