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Atlanta Native Wins Big With Blackjack

March 4th, 2013 by Site Admin

Move over Powerball and enter Fantasy Blackjack! Sure, millions in cash winnings is hard to beat, but a close second would be winning $150,000 from one scratch off ticket. That’s right, Dina Wooten purchased a ticket for Fantasy Blackjack from the convenient store and got a lot more than she had bargained for. A LOT more.

When asked about her winnings, Wooten explained, “I feel so wonderful.”

Wooten and her family have wasted no time figuring out where and how to spend the new small fortune. Her priorities are to pay off outstanding bills and then buying a brand new car.

So far this year, the Georgia Lottery has helped fund state education to the tune of over $14 billion. Much of this money goes towards Georgia’s Scholarship Program called HOPE. This program has helped over 1.4 million students receive educational assistance.

This is a side of state lotteries that many people don’t see televised in the media, that is, the donations and funding that go towards state institutions such as education and municipalities. Perhaps more people would buy tickets if they knew that part of their purchases were going towards such a good cause.

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