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Woman Reportedly Took 230K to Play Casino Games

April 2nd, 2012 by Site Admin

If the recent news reports are to be believed, blackjack players seem to be getting a little desperate to play their favorite online games.

Kay Fearnley, a UK blackjack player made the news when she was arrested for stealing thousands of pounds from her employer to fuel her need to play casino games. Reportedly, the woman, who is 56 years old and hails from Leeds, had managed to steal a sum of 230,000 from her employers over the course of 6 years. What’s more, Fearnley was an accountant who embezzled these funds using fake invoices from her company.

Fearnley then spent the money by gambling and wagering on online casino games like blackjack. Fearnley allegedly suffered from depression and had developed a gambling addiction to online casinos games like blackjack and slots in the process.

Fearnley is only in possession of 4K pounds and admitted to spending the rest. She is charged with 8 counts of stealing but has gotten off with a minimal sentence on account of the fact that she is a first time offender.

According to her attorney, Fearnley was a victim in the clutches of her gambling addiction and seemed to have believed that she would win the money and pay it back.

If you yourself or know of a friend that you may think has a gambling problem. Don’t wait, visit Gamblers Anonymous.

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